1. Interactive Boards:

    1. Mirohttps://miro.com/

    2. Ideaboardhttps://ideaboardz.com/

    3. Jamboardhttps://jamboard.google.com/

    4. Google Slides

  2. Voting/Surveys

    1. Mentimeter, https://www.mentimeter.com/, 

    2. Pollev, https://www.polleverywhere.com/

    3. Google Forms

Some Examples:

  1. Confidence Vote: Go to: menti.com and use the code:394716 

  2. Backlog Prioritization on pollevhttps://www.polleverywhere.com/ranking_polls/KBCFrtMhf6SQBob
  3. PI Planning board on google slide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13jbpLEH63Zpsa9xTAiGhDHwrs7qOBiNS1gLh3bBq-Q4/edit#slide=id.p
  4. PI Planning board on Jamboard
  5. PI Planning board on Miro:

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